Sunday, May 19, 2013

Skinny Fat with a Frozen Shoulder

CM came to me a year ago feeling frumpy and weak.  She also had a frozen shoulder.  She couldn't raise one of her arms above chin height.  I said "Girl, you are "skinny fat".  She chuckled and said put on some hard rock & make me sexy.  Well, not in those exact words, but just about.  What I really appreciate about CM is her tenacity and drive.  She did what I told her to do.  She worked out with me a couple days a week and then took her healthy body into her own hands and worked out on her own.  She would go to the "Y" on her off days and do her "homework". What the crap is up with all these """"".  Yes, I give homework.  Whether one does it or not is up to them. 

I still remember week 6 when she went shopping and had dropped 2 pants sizes.   Wow, what a transformation.  I felt so happy for her.   She ended up dropping 4 sizes total: from a 12 to a 6.  CM gained muscles mass and dropped body fat %.  And got a booty, arms and legs she is proud of.  SAAAWEEEET!

My clients success keeps me motivated.  I feel their ups and downs.  I love to celebrate their accomplishment's.  It is a total rush to see someone smile at themselves & their own triuphms'.

To get the body you want takes work.  But once you get used to the feeling of working out (sore muscles & endorphin rush) you become almost addicted to that healthy feeling.

So, get moving, & lets create your own before and after pics.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Before & After in 4 weeks!

"Thank you so much for helping me break my training plateau! I had been stuck for awhile and was getting frustrated.  After just four short weeks doing your H2 training I broke my plateau and dropped TWO whole sizes!!" KP

KP Just sent me this email.   I love hearing your success stories, especially if I helped. lol. Her first comment to me months ago was, " You know how your always naming our body parts while we work out, Well, my daughter can't pinch my bra fat anymore. Thanks to all the torture you put us really works!"  I hugged her I was so elated.

Girl, you earned it. You have worked hard.  I am so proud of your attitude & fire! Way to to go K;)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Is cheating worth it?

So, 4 days in 90+degrees in AZ... Whoooeeemammma! For this Seattlite...that's HOT HOT HOT.  Gimmy poolside & I'm a happy camper. But, I'm kinda lucky : I do love the heat.
When I arrived I was so pumped to see my BFF (since 5th grade) & her kiddos.  Yea! Lets party!!!
She is a total sweety... bought me some of my favorite foods, so I was pumped to not have to worry about not eating clean.  Because her eating & fitness habbits are very different from mine.
Anyway, I like flying to new places, but being in an airplane totally grosses me out, right. Like, how many other thousands of people sat sweating in that seat before me. And don't get me wrong, I believe in recycling... Just not my AIR!!!! Yuck!
So, it is a beautiful summer night: I'm up for a run. Lets go do some sprints, since I've been flying all day...1st vaca workout complete= check!
Next day I take on a mountain with some hieroglyphics and get ambushed by cactus. Not pleasant for the record. Take note: When hiking in the desert mountains, STAY ON THE FLIPPIN TRAIL. 2nd vaca workout complete= check!
Sweaty & hungry as's pool time!
I'm still eating good & energized. 
That's my point really. 
Because by day 3 I slipped & thought I could cheat... But here's the deal ---cheating makes u feel crappy later. 
Whether its on a test, on your spouse (not gonna happen) or on your diet. It feels crappy. My body was immediately sluggish. Plus, I was hecka sore from my sprints.
I love the way they make my butt, obliques, & hammys sore, though.
Note to self: do sprints more often!!!    
Long story short- cheating isn't really worth it. Temporary pleasure (whole bowl of chips & salsa, rice & beans, potstickers, carrott cake ect) in exchange for days of discomfort & bloating.  And then how long does it take to regulate your body to get back on track. Now that I've jacked up my tastepuds with fats, salts, & undesireable carbs it is hard to regulate.  Training your body to just want real live food from the earth can be hard in our current societies patterns.  But if you can't grow it or kill it, you probably shouldn't eat it, ya really.
Clean eating feels good.  Clean eating looks good.
I had a blast with my peeps from the past & would not give up the awesome time spent. 
But next time I will commit to keeping my eating clean. 
Plus, now I have all of you to keep me in check.  
Now go move:)