Monday, April 22, 2013

Start your day off right smoothies...

So, I show up to class today with my usual Double Tall 20 oz. homemade smoothie.   I mention to my class if you’re going to stay for the full 90 min you got to put something in you.  I’m not talking about a crap bowl of Special K either.  No more skipping the most important meal of the day.  Cause then I gotta deal with crabby/crashing sistas…lol.  Really though, start the day off right.

Anyway, I mention “This one has kale;)”

“Yuck! I could NOT do that” Blurts out a front rower.

Me, “OK, but try this one”

“Oh wow that’s good!” she smiles.

Heck ya it is.  I don’t gulp down stuff just because it’s good for me.  I like things that taste good too.  I don’t just eat clean cause I like how it makes my body feel and look, but really God made some amazing foods.  You just got to put them together into the right combinations.  So, after they all pester me (ask & beg politely)…Yes I will post a few of my favorite “START THE DAY OF RIGHT SMOOTHIES”:

NOTE-my fruit is frozen, I buy in bulk or on sale. Bananas’ should be peeled then broken in half & freezer bagged.  I got pineapple on sale a few weeks back for a buck a piece…whahooooo. Cut those puppies up & freeze.  Delish!

BIT O kale or spinach-

1-2 c. of Crystal lite juice

1/3 c. blueberries

½ pineapples

½ - 1 banana

1 scoop Protein Powered (I put this in last after everything else is completely blended, then just blend for 2-4 seconds because I do not like my smoothies foamy)


Peaches n Cream

1-2 C. Crystal lite juice

½ strawberries or banana

½ c peaches

½ c Greek yogurt        

1 scoop Protein Powder

Cocoa crazy fuel

1-2 c almond or rice milk

1 TBS cocoa

1 TBS Mecca powder

1 TBS nut butter

1 frozen banana

1 scoop Protein Powder
Feel free to add Wheatgerm, ground flax, or chia seeds to any of these for added nutrients.
And PLEASE, add your favorite smoothies.  Let me know what you like. Lets share the knowledge;)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Burn 30% more calories, when Aunt Flow visits!!

With the help of my new "Period Tracker App", I've been notified I have 3 days left.   Crap, no wonder my kids can't seam to do anything right. So, Aunt Flow is coming to visit.  Oh, POOOO!.  Well, that explains why I feel my workouts have done nothing for me lately and my kids think I'm mean and off my rocker.  My jeans feel tighter and Paleo is going to pot...candy is calling my name.

But, there is hope. Knowledge is power!  Actually, now that I've been warned, I actually feel better.  Well... a little anyway.

OK, so here is the skinny on PMS and exercise.  Yes, there is great insight that is very helpful.  Besides the usual: avoid salty foods, drink lots of water, yes exercise, rest, meditate, and take your vitamins and supplements.

There is a science to this madness;)  I'll give you a kiss (Keepin It Simple Sweetie).

1- When you are actually menstruating (bleeding 1-7 days), when all you wanna do is wear baggy sweatpants, eat crappy, and sit around.  You have the opportunity (if you choose to take it) to burn 30% more calories.  So, besides sticking to healthy clean eating, go out & do something. Even if you "half ass" a usually workout, it will practically be like a normal workout.  Yea!

2- Once you have stopped (menstruating) and you are going into the second half of you follicular phase, this is the time to kick it up.  Meaning go kick some serious booty.  Lift heavier, run faster, sweat harder, push yourself. Use all that extra Progesterone that is building up!!!

3- As you begin your Luteal Phase (just after ovulation) you might notice your cravings are not as bad as a couple weeks ago.  Well, this is the best time recommended to up the calorie intake a bit.  Besides,  resetting your metabolism, you wont have a tendency to go overboard.

4- At the end of your Luteal Phase when you are starting to feel crabby, bloated and less like working out... again this is when you are burning 30% more calories.  So, go for it.  Work out with a friend.  Listen to your favorite music. 
Keep moving and make the most of what mother nature has to offer.

Ok, I hope this wasn't to complicated.  But, is does help me during tough times.  Who am I kidding, during "hell week".  You are my sista from another Mista, so I feel the need to share and help you out.  If you happen to be that cool boyfriend or hubby reading this...more power to ya man.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Top 10 of 39 years...

 What I've learned in 39 years:
1-If you're feeling down, think of 5 things to be grateful for & get over yourself.
2-If you're having issues with more then 2 people... its not them:/
3- meditation rocks, so does busting a move.
4- let those around u know how much they mean to you.
5- no matter how much u know, there is still more to learn.
6- having kids make u a better person.
7-assume the best, so u don't jack things up
8-worry screws up the moment.
9-muscle looks better then fat
10- skipping, fist bumps, & making silly faces keeps u young at heart!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Memorize this, Ladies (& Gents)

One of my clients just texted me this little nugget. She added that, I tell her this all the time. I was so happy & excited!!! They listen:) Really though, the scale can be an enemi. The scale will make you doubt yourself and your progress. It can give fales readings. And it can make you feel like you have to rely on it, when infact you should not. It makes you crazy and confused. Break up with it already! Rely on how you feel. Do you have more energy? Can you do things now, that you could not have 6 months ago. Rely on body fat%. As body fat lowers, your muscles mass inscreases. Muscle does weigh more then fat. Heck, I have a girlfriend who wears the same size as me. We are the same hight. But, she wieghs 110lb and I wiegh 130Lb. How do your cloths fit? Can you now botton your Miss Me jeans with room to breath. How do you look? Notice your hamstrings? Is your booty lifted? How about those arms? You are trully beautiful the way Heavenly Father made you. Now, hopefully, you are trying to keep that bod healthy. The possibilities are endless. As you gain stength, focus on your purpose in life and feel that amazing life force inspiring you, remember you are loved. You have many to love. So, get moving and remember this poster.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Pushups bad for women?

I once heard that on "The Doctors", they told women not to do pushups. They apperently make your chest tight. I was shocked, irritated, & dissapointed. Seriously? I think a pushup is one of the best exercies for women. A push-up stregthens your upper body and totally works your core. To gain balance, stretch your chest and stregthen your back also. And, no, I don't like "girl" pushups. Start in a plank, but if you can not do it off the floor, then start off your kitchdn counter. As your body is in the plank position, you will get a core work out. As you get stronger, work your way down to your table, then a bench. Pretty soon you will be on the floor. I love how these pictures above show what muscles you're using while in that pushup possition or closer to the floor in a plank. The top of the pushup works more of your shoulders, while the elbow plank is harder on the core. Iether way...get moving!!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Moms need muscles too!

Muscles keep me sane.  I am a proud mother of 3 active preteen boys.  The daily grind of driving them around, doing laundry, dishes, and vacuuming up popcorn only to repeat it again and again, can be not only mentally exhausting, but physically too.  One thing that has kept me sane over the years is a daily workout.
When the boys were toddlers, I remember them saying, "Mommy you cwabby, you need to go on wun!"  And sure enough all I needed was a little endorphin rush and a hot shower with my favorite body wash. Heck, even a toddler knows basic human nature.  We need to move.  We need to be strong.  Then we will be capable.  Capable of great things.

Hello, I'm Nasca, and welcome to my 1st blog post.
Please, let me know how being strong and active has helped you cope with life.