Sunday, September 15, 2013


I can think of many things that are easy,  Smiling, walking, hiking, getting my kids to just stare at the TV. LOL
But sitting on the couch for too long and complaining about how I feel or look, can only last so long.
Some people feel they don't have time to be healthy.
Some people think that healthy eating is too difficult to organize or too expensive.
Some people just haven't had the moment yet, where they decide what they really want in life is more important then their negative thoughts regarding the above mentioned.
Our thoughts really control us if we allow them to.  It's truly amazing that living on this earth is all about choices.  We have to make choices every day.  Everything we do & say is a choice.
WE ARE SO LUCKY (blessed) that way.
So, If something seams's probably because it is and it is worth it.
Many great things are worthwhile.
Many great things take time.
Many great things take effort.
But the wonderful part about difficult things it that, pretty soon, a little time goes by and we realize its not hard any more.  We have become stronger, or wiser, or both.
Then onto the next difficult thing.  Because if we are not challenging our selves...sadly we are not changing for the better.  We are changing all the time. Nothing stays constant in our minds, bodies, or souls.
It's either getting better or worse, but you get to decide. That's the cool part.
So, today right now you are choosing to read & broaden your mind.
Thanks BTW for choosing to hear me out;).
Now you get to choose about what to do with that amazing body of yours.
MOVE, SIT, WALK, ETC, The possibilities are endless.
You have the power to accomplish anything you set your heart & mind to.
So go for it.

Monday, September 9, 2013

It's easier then you think.

So Kelsey & I head to Trader Joes today.  We live out in the sticks. So its a good 25 minute on the freeway:(. I'm thinking since she's never been and I just was there a week ago, I'l just pick up some nuts & dried fruit.  Lol. Then spend time showing her around...
$88 later & 3 grocery bags full. I have all the yummy things I forgot I needed. 
Dried fruit
Roasted almonds
Lime chilli cashews!!!
Artichoke spread 
Turnkey apple bacon brauts 
Rice crackers 
Olive oil
Blue tortilla chips
& a ton more. 
It's easy to eat healthy. It may seam expensive, but you can buy a butt load of crappy (empty calories), sugary,  preservative packed food for the same price. So, why not spend your $ on nutrient dense, nutritious, healthy & yummy foods. Your body requires vitamins, minerals & antioxidants that are naturally  found in foods that are not processed. Processed & packaged  foods lack all these essential nutrients. 
Eating well, eating cleaner is for mind body & soul. Am I getting to Yogi on you??
Your body will be happy. You will feel better. You will have more energy. Take care of your body. It's worth it. 
What are your favorite healthy foods? Share
with us:)
Kelsey got all her yummy nutritious foods too & found her new favorite store. 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Back to business!


Now, the kids are back at school...I'm kinda sad. I truly love hanging with my kids. They keep me young. They keep me laughing. They don't let me take myself too seriously.  Dah, really, what sane 39 yr old jumps off cliffs?  But, dang, what a rush;).
So, now my crazy little buddies are at school and I gotta get on a bathroom cleaning schedule...poo;(
Now is your time to get on a  regular fitness routine. 
It wont happen unless you PLAN! 
During vacation I was lucky to be with girlfriends who loved (well mostly) rock climbing, jumping skiing, tubing, surfing, and joining me on early morning runs through sage brush while I spat out orders to do push ups, dips, jump squats & planks in the dirt.
I was blessed to have that happen.  Realistically if it's not on your schedule, it usually doesn't happen.  I live by my calender.  If I don't check it daily, I can miss important stuff.  HOLY crap, i missed my massage appointment;(
So, If you are maintaining you weight: give yourself a leisurely 2-3 days of exercise. BUT if you want & need to get firmer, leaner, and tighter: then 4-5 days of 20+ min of intense moving, lifting, & sweating is what your body needs. 
WOW, yes! You don't have to be in the gym for 2 hrs a day or just running miles a day.  You need to mix it up. HIIT or high intensity interval training is a basic way to get started.
Of course my H2 is a great workout too.
What do you do to get moving? Whats your favorite exercise?