Sunday, October 6, 2013

Make yourself crazy...

So, I started an IG account a while ago.  Thought it would be fun to get inspired by others...then realized I could do the same.  AWESOME!  What? people want to see what I have to say too,  cool!
As I started to explore the fitness IG world I realized there were a lot of selfies of booties & body parts. No shame? Should I look like that since I'm a fitness professional? Should I be showing off my rump to prove I SQUAT?  Should I feel bad cause I don't look just like that? or cause I don't want to post like that?  
Well, I shouldn't say that.  They are proud of their beautiful bodies & trying desperately to get followers. 
I was making myself crazy.  Please don't do that.
I'm trying to get you...I'm wanting & hoping to help you see your potential.  Comparing yourself to others is a long & sad road.
Please, Look to where your were.
Look at what you've accomplished.
Look at where your are heading.
Be in competition with your own beautiful self.
Set your goals.  Hey, nothing wrong with getting good ideas from others;)
That said...
I love this quote. Yea, I know, I love a lot a quotes.  But come on, quotes are a clever way to say something that can really impact us & "sink in".
So, as this next week creeps up.
As Halloween candy is sold in ridiculous abundance, I WON'T BUY IT WILL THE 31ST.
This will help;)  Hey there's a good idea your can use.
Remember: Never compare your beginning to someone else's middle.
Forever strong!!!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cookie Monster

I love chocolate. I love cookies. I love treats. It's hard to be 39 & love these things. The older we get the slower our metabolism:(. 
Keeping fit & strong helps this of course, but we still need to be mindful of the types of foods we put into our mouths. 
Ha! "Foods", like anything processed should be called food... Yes it shouldn't, but, Well it is. 
So, being mindful of natural unprocessed foods is key. With that in mind..I am constantly on a quest to find, make or create treats that are yummy & nutritious.
Blend in food processor: 
2c almonds
2tbs sesame seeds
1/3 c shredded coconut

Melt on low-med in pot
2 Tbs coconut oil
1Tbs coco
1/3 c choco chips
2 Tbs raw honey

Add & mix nut mixture. 
Press on foil in 9x13 pan. 
Cool in frig. 
Cut up & serve
Store in frig. 

Sunday, September 15, 2013


I can think of many things that are easy,  Smiling, walking, hiking, getting my kids to just stare at the TV. LOL
But sitting on the couch for too long and complaining about how I feel or look, can only last so long.
Some people feel they don't have time to be healthy.
Some people think that healthy eating is too difficult to organize or too expensive.
Some people just haven't had the moment yet, where they decide what they really want in life is more important then their negative thoughts regarding the above mentioned.
Our thoughts really control us if we allow them to.  It's truly amazing that living on this earth is all about choices.  We have to make choices every day.  Everything we do & say is a choice.
WE ARE SO LUCKY (blessed) that way.
So, If something seams's probably because it is and it is worth it.
Many great things are worthwhile.
Many great things take time.
Many great things take effort.
But the wonderful part about difficult things it that, pretty soon, a little time goes by and we realize its not hard any more.  We have become stronger, or wiser, or both.
Then onto the next difficult thing.  Because if we are not challenging our selves...sadly we are not changing for the better.  We are changing all the time. Nothing stays constant in our minds, bodies, or souls.
It's either getting better or worse, but you get to decide. That's the cool part.
So, today right now you are choosing to read & broaden your mind.
Thanks BTW for choosing to hear me out;).
Now you get to choose about what to do with that amazing body of yours.
MOVE, SIT, WALK, ETC, The possibilities are endless.
You have the power to accomplish anything you set your heart & mind to.
So go for it.

Monday, September 9, 2013

It's easier then you think.

So Kelsey & I head to Trader Joes today.  We live out in the sticks. So its a good 25 minute on the freeway:(. I'm thinking since she's never been and I just was there a week ago, I'l just pick up some nuts & dried fruit.  Lol. Then spend time showing her around...
$88 later & 3 grocery bags full. I have all the yummy things I forgot I needed. 
Dried fruit
Roasted almonds
Lime chilli cashews!!!
Artichoke spread 
Turnkey apple bacon brauts 
Rice crackers 
Olive oil
Blue tortilla chips
& a ton more. 
It's easy to eat healthy. It may seam expensive, but you can buy a butt load of crappy (empty calories), sugary,  preservative packed food for the same price. So, why not spend your $ on nutrient dense, nutritious, healthy & yummy foods. Your body requires vitamins, minerals & antioxidants that are naturally  found in foods that are not processed. Processed & packaged  foods lack all these essential nutrients. 
Eating well, eating cleaner is for mind body & soul. Am I getting to Yogi on you??
Your body will be happy. You will feel better. You will have more energy. Take care of your body. It's worth it. 
What are your favorite healthy foods? Share
with us:)
Kelsey got all her yummy nutritious foods too & found her new favorite store. 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Back to business!


Now, the kids are back at school...I'm kinda sad. I truly love hanging with my kids. They keep me young. They keep me laughing. They don't let me take myself too seriously.  Dah, really, what sane 39 yr old jumps off cliffs?  But, dang, what a rush;).
So, now my crazy little buddies are at school and I gotta get on a bathroom cleaning schedule...poo;(
Now is your time to get on a  regular fitness routine. 
It wont happen unless you PLAN! 
During vacation I was lucky to be with girlfriends who loved (well mostly) rock climbing, jumping skiing, tubing, surfing, and joining me on early morning runs through sage brush while I spat out orders to do push ups, dips, jump squats & planks in the dirt.
I was blessed to have that happen.  Realistically if it's not on your schedule, it usually doesn't happen.  I live by my calender.  If I don't check it daily, I can miss important stuff.  HOLY crap, i missed my massage appointment;(
So, If you are maintaining you weight: give yourself a leisurely 2-3 days of exercise. BUT if you want & need to get firmer, leaner, and tighter: then 4-5 days of 20+ min of intense moving, lifting, & sweating is what your body needs. 
WOW, yes! You don't have to be in the gym for 2 hrs a day or just running miles a day.  You need to mix it up. HIIT or high intensity interval training is a basic way to get started.
Of course my H2 is a great workout too.
What do you do to get moving? Whats your favorite exercise?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mom's vs. Kids meal

So, way back in the day when I considered getting pregnant; I told Heavenly father "if u send me a girl, I'll most likely send her back. May I please have boys?"  Some of this stemmed from not getting along with my little sister. Not the case anymore, SHE ROCKS! But I'm thinking cause I always thought of my self as the ugly duckling & more of a Tom boy, I'd get along with boys better. I'd know what to do with them :).
Well, now I spend my days being surrounded by the cutes boys on the planet. Really they are. Plus all their crazy & cute little friends.
 Like the other day they wanna dress in morph suits & want me to take them to Wally mart so they can make videos. Sooooo crazy silly. I love these kids. But them one friend acts a little too crazy & some old fart yells at them to take their masks off, turn off their camera & get out of the store. Some people just don't know how to enjoy life. So sad:(
 Next they con me into taking then to the out door mall. Which actually worked better. Now they are on their way to...snapping pics with cute girls, high fiving strangers,  and showing off their 2 gun point & wink, (but you couldn't see the wink because of the masks). It was adorable. They got a good 15 min of video before being ousted by the most polite Mall cop ever.
What adventure will they think I next??

Food adventure...No you dont' have to eat what the kids eat or eat their left over french fries off their plate either.  Time to shake it up a bit...add some spinach to the taco fixings, add avocado to your burger & skip the bun or white tortilla.  Here I steamed up some of my favorite veggies.
2 TBS water with a dash of seasoning.
1 Cup of shopped sweet onion & peppers.
2 Eggs.

Now tell me what your Moms vs. kids meal is????

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Buy Local & Fresh...Stay in your "Bubble"!

At a San Diego airport, I'm standing in line for about 15 plus minutes waiting to get through security.  Then, suddenly, from out of nowere this lady is at my side. Her boobs & stomach rubbing my backside.  What the freak?  It's totally creeping me out. I'm wondering if she thinks I cut in front of her, she kind of appeared out of know where at my side. As I stepped forward, there she was.  I guess I should say there "they" where. LOL.  I would move forward & be sure to give lots of place to the people I was behind. And to kind of show a "healthy distance". Like I'm trying  to be some kind of "example". But the lady behind me wasn't catching a clue. I guess I shouldn't say behind...I should say the Lady on me.  I wondered if I should tell her to back off or ask her if he had a problem. Now we have moved forward in line about 10 feet in another 10 minutes.  Her large womenly parts are not giving my back a rest iether.  REALLY? CAN YOU NOT FEEL ME? I want to yell, "Back off chick"!
Them my mouth opened and out came. "So, you have a small bubble?" With a smile I chuckle to smoooooooth the moment. 
She smiles back in surprise & remarks. "I have small kids who are always on me, so I guess I don't realiznge I don't have a bubble anymore." We laugh together. I comment back on how my kids are always hanging on me too.  Though, in my head I'm thinking, My kids all over me is ok, but strangers is a whole other story.  I certainly have a bigger bubble. So, I proceed to my business with smile in my heart. 

We never know someone elses thoughts, feelings, or circumstance. 

So before you get your undies in a bunch... Smile, ask, talk politely & learn something new about the person near you:)

And when you get home, order a box of local fresh produce from any of these great sites below.

Then tell or show me what you make with your yummy fresh finds.


Sunday, May 19, 2013

Skinny Fat with a Frozen Shoulder

CM came to me a year ago feeling frumpy and weak.  She also had a frozen shoulder.  She couldn't raise one of her arms above chin height.  I said "Girl, you are "skinny fat".  She chuckled and said put on some hard rock & make me sexy.  Well, not in those exact words, but just about.  What I really appreciate about CM is her tenacity and drive.  She did what I told her to do.  She worked out with me a couple days a week and then took her healthy body into her own hands and worked out on her own.  She would go to the "Y" on her off days and do her "homework". What the crap is up with all these """"".  Yes, I give homework.  Whether one does it or not is up to them. 

I still remember week 6 when she went shopping and had dropped 2 pants sizes.   Wow, what a transformation.  I felt so happy for her.   She ended up dropping 4 sizes total: from a 12 to a 6.  CM gained muscles mass and dropped body fat %.  And got a booty, arms and legs she is proud of.  SAAAWEEEET!

My clients success keeps me motivated.  I feel their ups and downs.  I love to celebrate their accomplishment's.  It is a total rush to see someone smile at themselves & their own triuphms'.

To get the body you want takes work.  But once you get used to the feeling of working out (sore muscles & endorphin rush) you become almost addicted to that healthy feeling.

So, get moving, & lets create your own before and after pics.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Before & After in 4 weeks!

"Thank you so much for helping me break my training plateau! I had been stuck for awhile and was getting frustrated.  After just four short weeks doing your H2 training I broke my plateau and dropped TWO whole sizes!!" KP

KP Just sent me this email.   I love hearing your success stories, especially if I helped. lol. Her first comment to me months ago was, " You know how your always naming our body parts while we work out, Well, my daughter can't pinch my bra fat anymore. Thanks to all the torture you put us really works!"  I hugged her I was so elated.

Girl, you earned it. You have worked hard.  I am so proud of your attitude & fire! Way to to go K;)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Is cheating worth it?

So, 4 days in 90+degrees in AZ... Whoooeeemammma! For this Seattlite...that's HOT HOT HOT.  Gimmy poolside & I'm a happy camper. But, I'm kinda lucky : I do love the heat.
When I arrived I was so pumped to see my BFF (since 5th grade) & her kiddos.  Yea! Lets party!!!
She is a total sweety... bought me some of my favorite foods, so I was pumped to not have to worry about not eating clean.  Because her eating & fitness habbits are very different from mine.
Anyway, I like flying to new places, but being in an airplane totally grosses me out, right. Like, how many other thousands of people sat sweating in that seat before me. And don't get me wrong, I believe in recycling... Just not my AIR!!!! Yuck!
So, it is a beautiful summer night: I'm up for a run. Lets go do some sprints, since I've been flying all day...1st vaca workout complete= check!
Next day I take on a mountain with some hieroglyphics and get ambushed by cactus. Not pleasant for the record. Take note: When hiking in the desert mountains, STAY ON THE FLIPPIN TRAIL. 2nd vaca workout complete= check!
Sweaty & hungry as's pool time!
I'm still eating good & energized. 
That's my point really. 
Because by day 3 I slipped & thought I could cheat... But here's the deal ---cheating makes u feel crappy later. 
Whether its on a test, on your spouse (not gonna happen) or on your diet. It feels crappy. My body was immediately sluggish. Plus, I was hecka sore from my sprints.
I love the way they make my butt, obliques, & hammys sore, though.
Note to self: do sprints more often!!!    
Long story short- cheating isn't really worth it. Temporary pleasure (whole bowl of chips & salsa, rice & beans, potstickers, carrott cake ect) in exchange for days of discomfort & bloating.  And then how long does it take to regulate your body to get back on track. Now that I've jacked up my tastepuds with fats, salts, & undesireable carbs it is hard to regulate.  Training your body to just want real live food from the earth can be hard in our current societies patterns.  But if you can't grow it or kill it, you probably shouldn't eat it, ya really.
Clean eating feels good.  Clean eating looks good.
I had a blast with my peeps from the past & would not give up the awesome time spent. 
But next time I will commit to keeping my eating clean. 
Plus, now I have all of you to keep me in check.  
Now go move:)

Monday, April 22, 2013

Start your day off right smoothies...

So, I show up to class today with my usual Double Tall 20 oz. homemade smoothie.   I mention to my class if you’re going to stay for the full 90 min you got to put something in you.  I’m not talking about a crap bowl of Special K either.  No more skipping the most important meal of the day.  Cause then I gotta deal with crabby/crashing sistas…lol.  Really though, start the day off right.

Anyway, I mention “This one has kale;)”

“Yuck! I could NOT do that” Blurts out a front rower.

Me, “OK, but try this one”

“Oh wow that’s good!” she smiles.

Heck ya it is.  I don’t gulp down stuff just because it’s good for me.  I like things that taste good too.  I don’t just eat clean cause I like how it makes my body feel and look, but really God made some amazing foods.  You just got to put them together into the right combinations.  So, after they all pester me (ask & beg politely)…Yes I will post a few of my favorite “START THE DAY OF RIGHT SMOOTHIES”:

NOTE-my fruit is frozen, I buy in bulk or on sale. Bananas’ should be peeled then broken in half & freezer bagged.  I got pineapple on sale a few weeks back for a buck a piece…whahooooo. Cut those puppies up & freeze.  Delish!

BIT O kale or spinach-

1-2 c. of Crystal lite juice

1/3 c. blueberries

½ pineapples

½ - 1 banana

1 scoop Protein Powered (I put this in last after everything else is completely blended, then just blend for 2-4 seconds because I do not like my smoothies foamy)


Peaches n Cream

1-2 C. Crystal lite juice

½ strawberries or banana

½ c peaches

½ c Greek yogurt        

1 scoop Protein Powder

Cocoa crazy fuel

1-2 c almond or rice milk

1 TBS cocoa

1 TBS Mecca powder

1 TBS nut butter

1 frozen banana

1 scoop Protein Powder
Feel free to add Wheatgerm, ground flax, or chia seeds to any of these for added nutrients.
And PLEASE, add your favorite smoothies.  Let me know what you like. Lets share the knowledge;)

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Burn 30% more calories, when Aunt Flow visits!!

With the help of my new "Period Tracker App", I've been notified I have 3 days left.   Crap, no wonder my kids can't seam to do anything right. So, Aunt Flow is coming to visit.  Oh, POOOO!.  Well, that explains why I feel my workouts have done nothing for me lately and my kids think I'm mean and off my rocker.  My jeans feel tighter and Paleo is going to pot...candy is calling my name.

But, there is hope. Knowledge is power!  Actually, now that I've been warned, I actually feel better.  Well... a little anyway.

OK, so here is the skinny on PMS and exercise.  Yes, there is great insight that is very helpful.  Besides the usual: avoid salty foods, drink lots of water, yes exercise, rest, meditate, and take your vitamins and supplements.

There is a science to this madness;)  I'll give you a kiss (Keepin It Simple Sweetie).

1- When you are actually menstruating (bleeding 1-7 days), when all you wanna do is wear baggy sweatpants, eat crappy, and sit around.  You have the opportunity (if you choose to take it) to burn 30% more calories.  So, besides sticking to healthy clean eating, go out & do something. Even if you "half ass" a usually workout, it will practically be like a normal workout.  Yea!

2- Once you have stopped (menstruating) and you are going into the second half of you follicular phase, this is the time to kick it up.  Meaning go kick some serious booty.  Lift heavier, run faster, sweat harder, push yourself. Use all that extra Progesterone that is building up!!!

3- As you begin your Luteal Phase (just after ovulation) you might notice your cravings are not as bad as a couple weeks ago.  Well, this is the best time recommended to up the calorie intake a bit.  Besides,  resetting your metabolism, you wont have a tendency to go overboard.

4- At the end of your Luteal Phase when you are starting to feel crabby, bloated and less like working out... again this is when you are burning 30% more calories.  So, go for it.  Work out with a friend.  Listen to your favorite music. 
Keep moving and make the most of what mother nature has to offer.

Ok, I hope this wasn't to complicated.  But, is does help me during tough times.  Who am I kidding, during "hell week".  You are my sista from another Mista, so I feel the need to share and help you out.  If you happen to be that cool boyfriend or hubby reading this...more power to ya man.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Top 10 of 39 years...

 What I've learned in 39 years:
1-If you're feeling down, think of 5 things to be grateful for & get over yourself.
2-If you're having issues with more then 2 people... its not them:/
3- meditation rocks, so does busting a move.
4- let those around u know how much they mean to you.
5- no matter how much u know, there is still more to learn.
6- having kids make u a better person.
7-assume the best, so u don't jack things up
8-worry screws up the moment.
9-muscle looks better then fat
10- skipping, fist bumps, & making silly faces keeps u young at heart!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Memorize this, Ladies (& Gents)

One of my clients just texted me this little nugget. She added that, I tell her this all the time. I was so happy & excited!!! They listen:) Really though, the scale can be an enemi. The scale will make you doubt yourself and your progress. It can give fales readings. And it can make you feel like you have to rely on it, when infact you should not. It makes you crazy and confused. Break up with it already! Rely on how you feel. Do you have more energy? Can you do things now, that you could not have 6 months ago. Rely on body fat%. As body fat lowers, your muscles mass inscreases. Muscle does weigh more then fat. Heck, I have a girlfriend who wears the same size as me. We are the same hight. But, she wieghs 110lb and I wiegh 130Lb. How do your cloths fit? Can you now botton your Miss Me jeans with room to breath. How do you look? Notice your hamstrings? Is your booty lifted? How about those arms? You are trully beautiful the way Heavenly Father made you. Now, hopefully, you are trying to keep that bod healthy. The possibilities are endless. As you gain stength, focus on your purpose in life and feel that amazing life force inspiring you, remember you are loved. You have many to love. So, get moving and remember this poster.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Pushups bad for women?

I once heard that on "The Doctors", they told women not to do pushups. They apperently make your chest tight. I was shocked, irritated, & dissapointed. Seriously? I think a pushup is one of the best exercies for women. A push-up stregthens your upper body and totally works your core. To gain balance, stretch your chest and stregthen your back also. And, no, I don't like "girl" pushups. Start in a plank, but if you can not do it off the floor, then start off your kitchdn counter. As your body is in the plank position, you will get a core work out. As you get stronger, work your way down to your table, then a bench. Pretty soon you will be on the floor. I love how these pictures above show what muscles you're using while in that pushup possition or closer to the floor in a plank. The top of the pushup works more of your shoulders, while the elbow plank is harder on the core. Iether way...get moving!!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Moms need muscles too!

Muscles keep me sane.  I am a proud mother of 3 active preteen boys.  The daily grind of driving them around, doing laundry, dishes, and vacuuming up popcorn only to repeat it again and again, can be not only mentally exhausting, but physically too.  One thing that has kept me sane over the years is a daily workout.
When the boys were toddlers, I remember them saying, "Mommy you cwabby, you need to go on wun!"  And sure enough all I needed was a little endorphin rush and a hot shower with my favorite body wash. Heck, even a toddler knows basic human nature.  We need to move.  We need to be strong.  Then we will be capable.  Capable of great things.

Hello, I'm Nasca, and welcome to my 1st blog post.
Please, let me know how being strong and active has helped you cope with life.