Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mom's vs. Kids meal

So, way back in the day when I considered getting pregnant; I told Heavenly father "if u send me a girl, I'll most likely send her back. May I please have boys?"  Some of this stemmed from not getting along with my little sister. Not the case anymore, SHE ROCKS! But I'm thinking cause I always thought of my self as the ugly duckling & more of a Tom boy, I'd get along with boys better. I'd know what to do with them :).
Well, now I spend my days being surrounded by the cutes boys on the planet. Really they are. Plus all their crazy & cute little friends.
 Like the other day they wanna dress in morph suits & want me to take them to Wally mart so they can make videos. Sooooo crazy silly. I love these kids. But them one friend acts a little too crazy & some old fart yells at them to take their masks off, turn off their camera & get out of the store. Some people just don't know how to enjoy life. So sad:(
 Next they con me into taking then to the out door mall. Which actually worked better. Now they are on their way to...snapping pics with cute girls, high fiving strangers,  and showing off their 2 gun point & wink, (but you couldn't see the wink because of the masks). It was adorable. They got a good 15 min of video before being ousted by the most polite Mall cop ever.
What adventure will they think I next??

Food adventure...No you dont' have to eat what the kids eat or eat their left over french fries off their plate either.  Time to shake it up a bit...add some spinach to the taco fixings, add avocado to your burger & skip the bun or white tortilla.  Here I steamed up some of my favorite veggies.
2 TBS water with a dash of seasoning.
1 Cup of shopped sweet onion & peppers.
2 Eggs.

Now tell me what your Moms vs. kids meal is????


  1. I typically don't have time or energy to cook for the kids and make myself something separate, so my poor kids are used to suffering through dinner if it's ouber healthy. :) But I try to incorporate a few items that I know they'll devour while they're still getting introduced to healthier options rather than starches, fatty meats or loading veggies up with melted cheese and dressings. SNAP PEAS are a staple in our fridge, along with zucchini for baking or saute and sweet peppers. My 2 year old loves cucumbers with Garlic Expressions dressing/marinade. Win-Win for us all. They've begun to enjoy fish more and more which is exciting, but it has to be baked or grilled with a flavor packed marinade or rub. We've been getting good with experimenting. Other than that - egg veggie scrambles with some cut up veggie or black bean burgers go over well for the lack lustre energy days.

    1. Thanks Mel! Yes, young kids are easier to feed. My kids ate everything I put infront of them till about age 4;( then they noticed Daddy wasn't eating it iether. Yes, I'm alone at my house...But as they've gotten older they notice mommy eats better & they are back to incorporating more healthy foods!!!
      Keep the great ideas comming

    2. Thanks Mel for your input! Yes, young kids are easier to feed;) After my boys turned about 4 they became as picky as their daddy about healthier i've been alone for a while in my eating clean. Though, lately (now in their teens) they are starting to eat more like me!!!
      Love your ideas, keep them coming.

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