Sunday, August 4, 2013

Buy Local & Fresh...Stay in your "Bubble"!

At a San Diego airport, I'm standing in line for about 15 plus minutes waiting to get through security.  Then, suddenly, from out of nowere this lady is at my side. Her boobs & stomach rubbing my backside.  What the freak?  It's totally creeping me out. I'm wondering if she thinks I cut in front of her, she kind of appeared out of know where at my side. As I stepped forward, there she was.  I guess I should say there "they" where. LOL.  I would move forward & be sure to give lots of place to the people I was behind. And to kind of show a "healthy distance". Like I'm trying  to be some kind of "example". But the lady behind me wasn't catching a clue. I guess I shouldn't say behind...I should say the Lady on me.  I wondered if I should tell her to back off or ask her if he had a problem. Now we have moved forward in line about 10 feet in another 10 minutes.  Her large womenly parts are not giving my back a rest iether.  REALLY? CAN YOU NOT FEEL ME? I want to yell, "Back off chick"!
Them my mouth opened and out came. "So, you have a small bubble?" With a smile I chuckle to smoooooooth the moment. 
She smiles back in surprise & remarks. "I have small kids who are always on me, so I guess I don't realiznge I don't have a bubble anymore." We laugh together. I comment back on how my kids are always hanging on me too.  Though, in my head I'm thinking, My kids all over me is ok, but strangers is a whole other story.  I certainly have a bigger bubble. So, I proceed to my business with smile in my heart. 

We never know someone elses thoughts, feelings, or circumstance. 

So before you get your undies in a bunch... Smile, ask, talk politely & learn something new about the person near you:)

And when you get home, order a box of local fresh produce from any of these great sites below.

Then tell or show me what you make with your yummy fresh finds.


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