Sunday, October 6, 2013

Make yourself crazy...

So, I started an IG account a while ago.  Thought it would be fun to get inspired by others...then realized I could do the same.  AWESOME!  What? people want to see what I have to say too,  cool!
As I started to explore the fitness IG world I realized there were a lot of selfies of booties & body parts. No shame? Should I look like that since I'm a fitness professional? Should I be showing off my rump to prove I SQUAT?  Should I feel bad cause I don't look just like that? or cause I don't want to post like that?  
Well, I shouldn't say that.  They are proud of their beautiful bodies & trying desperately to get followers. 
I was making myself crazy.  Please don't do that.
I'm trying to get you...I'm wanting & hoping to help you see your potential.  Comparing yourself to others is a long & sad road.
Please, Look to where your were.
Look at what you've accomplished.
Look at where your are heading.
Be in competition with your own beautiful self.
Set your goals.  Hey, nothing wrong with getting good ideas from others;)
That said...
I love this quote. Yea, I know, I love a lot a quotes.  But come on, quotes are a clever way to say something that can really impact us & "sink in".
So, as this next week creeps up.
As Halloween candy is sold in ridiculous abundance, I WON'T BUY IT WILL THE 31ST.
This will help;)  Hey there's a good idea your can use.
Remember: Never compare your beginning to someone else's middle.
Forever strong!!!

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